Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

There are so many things that I need to catch up on here, but I probably need to do the obligatory Easter picture post first.  We are pretty traditional in the fact that we dye eggs the night before Easter.  I should clarify that the kids and I dye eggs the night before.  Mark watches "The Ten Commandments" while laid out on the couch and will jump in to help if he is needed (like last year when I bought a more complicated dye kit!).   I keep thinking the kids will not want to do this, but they ask every year.  And, besides, it gives me a good excuse to use my wedding china tea cups!
Cooper being totally silly... I made them move close together for a picture and they hate it!
Easter bunny treats...a new Wii game for Coop and a pedicure gift certificate for Kamdyn.  The Easter bunny was skimpy with the candy this year...
As I mentioned, my kids love traditions and they don't forget them - even if I do!  Several years ago, Brian and Jamie began scattering the yard with eggs on Easter morning for the kids, which they love, but when they aren't home to do it, I sometimes forget!  Thank goodness Kam mentioned it the night before...
Cooper sang with the kids choir on Sunday morning which made me deliriously happy!  Kam loves to sing with the choir but Cooper, not so much.  He sang his one song and then went to sit down as soon as it was over!  

Side note...he hated his outfit!  Grumbled the whole way to church and even in the door.  His teacher sent me an email a few days later with the title "Cooper's Journal."  

The message said:  "Apparently you made him wear something horrible for Easter.  He wrote that he hated it and put it all in capital letters!  LOL"  Priceless!  Personally, I think he looks like a little model, but he didn't care!
It never fails that every year Kamdyn gets behind the taller boys so that I can barely see her...
Kam has been telling me that she had a special song they were going to sing, but she wanted it to be a surprise.  Had I known how awesome it was, I would have for sure videoed it!  The lyrics were something about helping Grandpa, Grandma's hugs, Daddy's kisses, and Momma's special (or something to that effect), but "I gave my heart to Jesus."  Brought tears to my eyes!!
Love this pic of these two!  Of course, I think they are beautiful, but I'm naturally biased!
This ended in a fight and fit before it was all over with!
Getting a natural or serious pose from Kam is almost impossible!  Notice Coop's red face...he's still recovering from his melt down from his pics with Kamdyn.
A semi-normal family pic...
We were missing 5-6 greats....
Sill faces!
Bringing it in to see who found the most eggs...
Chasing bubbles....
We had a great day with family celebrating Jesus' resurrection!  I wouldn't trade our Easter traditions and family for a thing!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Have A Dream

Kamdyn studied Rosa Parks and MLK recently and I enjoyed listening to her tell me about what she learned.  It's always interesting to me to hear her give me a history lesson.  She's taught me a thing or two that I had's been a long time since this girl had a history class!

When I was going through her school work a few weeks ago, I found this and just laughed to myself.  This is soooo Kamdyn....always concerned for the animals.  "No sadness" is my favorite part of the paragraph.
When I was telling her how much I loved reading about her dream, she just smiled and told me that she just couldn't stand to watch those AASPA commercials (no clue if this is the right acronym and Kam's not here to correct me - the pitiful animal commercials with the sad music).  I had to laugh to myself again...anyone who knows me knows I am so not an animal person.  I hope she isn't planning to bring all those animals to my house!

On the subject of animals....Kam had her first softball practice on Monday and there was a dog running around the outfield and you guessed it....Kam was more interested in playing with the animal than she was the ball coming towards her!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tooth Fairy Return

Back in November, Kamdyn lost another tooth.  She's lost so many in the last few months that I can't keep up with it.  Now that she's getting so many permanent teeth, her appearance has changed and she's looking more grown up.  But I digress...

This particular night she told Mark and I that she was going to put her tooth under the pillow and she hoped for $5 or $20 from the tooth fairy.  Mark and I both told her not to hold her breath on a $20 bill!  Needless to say, she was very disappointed the next morning when she only found $1 under her pillow.  Trust me when I say she let us know about it too! 

So the next day this is what I find in a baggie under her pillow...
In case you can't read it, it says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I would like to trade my tooth back because my cousin Braden said he got $5 and $20.

Your Funky Friend,

You've got to be kidding me!  Really?  I think I told her that Braden must have a different tooth fairy because of where he lives. Then, of course, Mark and I had to give her the speech about being grateful for what you get...I mean, we wouldn't be good parents if we didn't!  Right?  And then I'm pretty sure that we told her that some kids didn't even get a whole $1... I'm fairly certain that got us a big eye roll!  

I can't tell what she wrote under her name and I must have blocked it from my memory because for the life of me, I don't know what it says. 

As my friend likes to say, "that girl won't do!" 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Retirement!

After years of talking about it, my Dad has finally retired!   I have said for the last year that I would believe it when I see it.....well, I saw it!  Mom and I were able to attend his retirement reception last Thursday and I am so thankful that I was able to go.   Dad received many awards and gifts, but the words spoken by many of his colleagues were the highlight of the reception.  There was a common theme of professionalism and hard work that made me very proud of my dad!
We had a fabulous meal of fish, chicken, hush puppies, fries, and all the fixings (apparently, a Corp favorite).  This was the only picture I got of his cake and, of course, it's crooked! 
Mom even received an award and pin for her dedication and support of Dad....I had to laugh because I'm sure she's thought for years she deserved an award for that!
There was a great slide show with pictures and music ("Ring of Fire" was my favorite!)  highlighting Dad's military service, family, and Corps career. 
The only picture that we got of the three of us...
Brian posted this on facebook about my Dad and it's too good not to share.  He's always had a better way with words than me...

My Dad was 12 years old when he got his first job. He has spent the last 25 and a half years serving thousands of visitors at Lake DeGray, always with a warm smile and eager to visit. Today, my Dad hung up his Ranger hat and retired, after working for 54 years. Words can't properly express how proud I am of my Dad. He's one of the most generous, hard working men I have ever known. No, he IS the most generous, hard working man I have ever known. Faithful employee, wonderful husband, awesome father, and SUPER Pop! I hope I can impact half the number of people, and my own son, as you have me. Happy retirement Dad, you deserve it! Jamie, Braxton, Campbell, and myself love you very much!! Proud of you!!

P.S.- Not that you have free time, feel free to mow my yard anytime!
I don't think I could have said it better myself!!  Mark, Kam, Cooper, and I are super proud of you and your accomplishments!  We love you!
And in case anyone is worried about him being bored....we've already got him busy picking up kids after school this week.  I feel a little guilty about that....not sure he bargained for that right off the start but, as always, he's willing to do whatever to help me and the family.  Love you, Pop!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sadie Sue

Meet Sadie, the newest member of the Chastain family.  We...ahem...everyone but me, are in love!  I'm sure that sounds terrible to most, but I'm just not a dog person and that doesn't make me a bad person...if I sound defensive, it's because my family thinks I'm awful!  So, needless to say, having a dog in the house has taken some major getting used to on my part! 
The kids love, love, love Sadie, but are not always loving the responsibility of taking her out all the time.  Even Kamdyn, who has begged for over a year for a puppy, admits that she is more responsibilty than she ever imagined.  But....who knew when we got her that we would have a snow storm, rain, and such cold weather?  Sadie spent her first week at Mom and Dad's because we didn't even have power!
Sadie sledding with the kids....
Sadie and Kam at Mom and Dad's...
Kam likes for Sadie to sleep with her and pictures like this just make me shudder....
I can't imagine a dog in my face!
I think I've been the most surprised at how much Cooper loves the dog.  We knew Kam loved animals but Cooper's always been more stand offish with them.  This is how you will find Cooper and the dog 99% of the time...
Poor Sadie...
Santa almost brought Kam a Maltese puppy, but decided that it might not survive our house.  I think he made a good decision!
About a week after we got Sadie, Cooper was outside playing wiffle ball while Sadie was running around.  Mark was in the garage and heard a loud yelp from the dog.  Mark came in a few minutes later clearly flustered and told me he thought we almost lost Sadie.  Apparently, Coop was throwing the ball up to hit and Sadie jumped and you get the picture....
I truly believe though, that no one loves this dog more than Mark!  I'm pretty sure that this dog was more for him than for Kamdyn....
He does all of the work taking care of Sadie so I guess it's a good thing he loves her!
Kids giving Sadie her first bath...I told Kam that she needed to pay attention so she could give the dog her bath while Mark was working.  She took notes on water temperature, how much water to run, where to rub the dog, and so on!
I told Kam that we should keep clothes on the dog because she is much cuter with that little body covered in my opinion!
I realize I have gone on and on too long about this dog, but it's for my kiddos to see and read.  Watching them play and laugh endlessly with her has made this little dog worth it... I think!  At least that's what I keep telling myself!  But if she's not house broken soon, my next post will be titled "cute dog looking for good family!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Happy Birthday to this big guy!  I won't say how old he is, but let's just say that he is beginning a new decade!
And since he's knee-deep in a major work project, we're not able to celebrate today the way he deserves!  Happy birthday to the most hard-working, selfless man I know....the kids and I love you so much!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween night!  The church had a trunk-or-treat and fall festival that was loads of fun for the kids.  Let me just preface these pictures with the fact that the kids picked out their own costumes this year!  This is the only time Cooper wore that mustache and it cracks me up that it's crooked and maybe even upside down.  He just kept hollering that it covered both his lips!
Kamdyn originally wanted to be a genie, but we had a hard time finding that so she settled on this.... At first, I told her it was a flapper but then realized quickly that it wasn't.  By that time, she had fallen in love with it and begged for it.  When we showed it to Mark, he told her she looked like Miss Kitty...or a "saloon girl" as he called her.  She asked what a saloon girl was and I told her nothing that a 7-year old should be associated with...we asked someone in the store what it was and they said a flamenco dancer so that's what we are calling it. 
Cooper loves all the games and now that he is older he's able to run around on his own.  Mark commented how much easier it was last night!
I included this picture just because I thought Lalaloopsy beside him was so cute!
 Playing some golf!
 Kamdyn and her friend, Abby...
Playing a little tic-tac-toe....
I didn't get as many pictures as normal because Mark and I ended up working some games... I love our fall festival and always look forward to it.  Afterwards, we stopped by Mamaw and Papaw's to trick-or-treat before heading home.  Of course, Papaw gave the kids a whole bag of candy bars and sent sodas home with them as well.  My kids are so spoiled.... a great night and time was had by all!